Healthy habit – how to be healthy

Healthy habit healthy habit – In recent years about the correct way of life, and his favor began to speak very often. In the context of such discussions often skips words’ healthy and unhealthy habits, “transcript which for some reason does not usually provide. So let’s see what it is, and why some people need […] Read more


Yoga Stretching – Yoga poses

Yoga stretching – 5 yoga poses for a quick stretching after a workout Yoga stretching – In your busy schedule is difficult to isolate and half an hour to complete a full workout stretching? No problem! Just try to perform a set of 5 repetitions of each of the 5 following yoga poses­ and morning pain, […] Read more

Walking meditation – useful.

Walking Meditation Select to his practice a pleasant road that runs along the river, in the park, in the woods, or you can walk on the flat roof of the building.These places are ideal, but this is not the most important thing. I know that there are people who practice walking meditation (MPH) in correctional colonies, […] Read more


Japa Meditation

Japa Meditation If you take a rosary, we learn japa meditation, which is called japa meditation. Or sometimes it is also called japa meditation yoga. You will notice that one bead is different from the others. It is more, she is released, her brush. It is called the main bead. We do not repeat the […] Read more

Cup of verbena

Green Tea Diet

Green Tea Diet Green tea diet – Each one of us remarked on the shelves today is widely represented with green tea, which is growing in popularity. Many prefer it to traditional Indian and Ceylon.And rightly so – experts believe that choice step to a healthier and longer life. Green tea diet contains many supplements […] Read more


Vegan Diet Explanation

Vegan Diet Vegan Diet is called strict form of vegetarianism, which is to avoid foods that are associated with the exploitation of animals. vegan diet do not eat meat is simply not for them unacceptable eggs, milk, honey, silk and leather. The term appeared in 1944 thanks to Donald Watson. He singled in the hitherto chaotic vegetarianism […] Read more



DEFINE MEDITATION Define Meditation, first of all – is the awareness of themselves and their place in the infinite universe. We so often let emotions and thoughts are controlled by giving his “ego” complete freedom of action. And meditation is a liberation from all that emotional and mental “debris,” nervous tension and resentment, which we take […] Read more